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The Music Sanctum was mainly created as a safe place for music and artists to 'rest in'. Focusing on Pop/Electronic music, appreciating a darker vibe and a greater depth to it. From commercial albums to indie gems, this blog has its arms wide open, always searching for the next thing to embrace and connect with. Here you will find some honest album reviews and interviews to be inspired by for your next discovery, always with a positive and respectful attitude towards the art and its creator. The Music Sanctum is also on Fiverr, ready to receive requests!


I run this blog with all my love for music and arts in general. As an independent artist myself, I know the struggle and so I created the Sanctum in order to provide an extra place for music and creators of all kinds to be exhibited. I'm a full-time Graphic Designer, lover of everything visual and I write/sing/produce music as well. I'm interested in people's stories and so I'm a great listener. I'm mostly into pop and electronic music, especially with a dark twist. Please find me on Fiverr if your music has a good story to tell and we'll take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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