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EP Review: No Time (Remastered) | Land

The last few days, the Sanctum has been time-traveling to the sound of the 90’s and 00’s for a cosmic reason yet unknown. From Rapkin’s ‘Techno Victim’ to Belmez Faces and Sir-Vere, we seem to be going through a revival of the underground electronic scene that was rising back in my teenage years. The latest EP ‘No Time’ by Land is no exception so let’s take another step…backwards! Do not misinterpret that.

The homonymous, remastered ‘No Time’ is rushing in with its techno-famous kick and reverberating synth keys just screaming old electro, sounding so familiar to everyone who was born in the 80’s, especially in Europe. And that itself is a success for Land, releasing such material in 2021, if you know what I mean. The deal is sealed the moment you hear the sensual male vocals that immediately sent me to Peter Heppner, lead singer of Wolfsheim -the German synthpop duo sensation- who also broke some charts back then with his Schiller collaboration in ‘I Feel You’. ‘No Time’ has a similar energy, maybe more hopeful and less melancholic thanks to the bright keys and EDM quality. Even though the band is clearly inspired by the 80’s, there are some techno and even trance flavors that remind of the time when the underground scene was claiming a serious portion of the mainstream music. Remember when The Prodigy and Massive Attack were big? Remember when Bjork collaborated with Madonna in ‘Ray Of Light’? Land may make you go back and dust all the gems of this era like a domino. They sure made me.

Two revisions of ‘No Time’ shine a completely different light on the track, with ‘Out Of Control’ bringing a pitch-black vibe to the table, giving off pure darkness to dance over after midnight. The heavy bass and obscure atmosphere seem to work even better here, elevating the mysterious vocal performance even higher than the original mix. The ‘Daily Rework’ makes for a daytime pleasure, significantly lighter, made to be enjoyed at the beach, under the hot sun holding an ice-cold cocktail. Or that’s just me. Music has no time!

On the other hand, ‘On The Moon’ has this ever-transforming character moving from fast paced hit hats and sharp synths to an abstract, ethereal space of distorted, ethnic-sounding vocals that offer a mystical touch to the track. Towards the end, this eastern sound (my favourite kind) is taking over, transferring us in the middle of an untrodden desert, under the spell of a hazy full moon. As this mood is climaxing, I only feel grateful for this unexpected turn of events! The ‘Foggy Mix’ angle of this track is even more conceptual, heavily electronic and minimal. Here it feels like Land is being subtractive, experimenting with empty space and a wide range of percussion. The outcome is pretty interesting for the back to back transitions manage to create anticipation for what is coming in the next minute of this 6-minute piece that waves us goodbye.

Land's 'No Time' is a reminder of...What else...? Music has no time. It's a hybrid born from the love-making between 80's-90's and 00's electronic music with all the sub-genres included respectfully. A brief tribute to another time that will either take you back to known territories or give you an accurate taste of what you missed. Depends on your age. And Land is more than qualified to take you on this journey no matter WHEN you come from!

Listen to 'No Time':

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