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EP Review: The Fools Heart | Tori BLK

Changes. A word that speaks to everyone in these weird times we live in. It’s part of the cycle of history, for better or worse, it’s inevitable and it takes courage to survive the ride unharmed. In art, change is also inevitable, more for some and less for others, while absolutely necessary for the creators to explore their potential and expand their horizons. That’s the exact case of Tori BLK, parting with her 2011 rock-driven, electronic sound and bravely engaging with her newly found mainstream pop aesthetics in her latest ‘The Fools Heart’ EP. Pressing PLAY

‘Slower’ is the definition of radio-friendly music, ready to be played everywhere during the summer period, able to bring back every memory of driving to the beach, running to the sea, enjoying life under the sun with our loved ones. The whole vibe is manifested through BLK’s airy tone singing over exotic keys, powerful kick-snares and bright synths, talking about the guilt felt after losing love. It feels as if BLK’s departure from the darkness of Impermanent Human was the way for the artist to get liberated from the pain and her lyrics are proof: I'm selfishly trying to be everything you wanna love. I'm here, shades of me breathing, slower and slower. All the above apply to the following ‘Maybe’ where the beat is heavier, more addictive and memorable, setting the foundation for this new 4-track resort of Tori BLK. And as this style is becoming more official, track after track,

the -180 degrees- change of direction makes you wonder of all the possible events the songwriter has experienced through those 11 years that separate The Fools Heart from Impermanent Human. ‘Maybe’ pays tribute to new love and the fear of rejection, conjuring all hesitation by endlessly whispering: Maybe we can give this a try. A song for all the young lovers out there and for all the young souls regardless of age. This is the summer jam that plays in the background of every first kiss in June-July and every last one in September. Let’s talk facts here, people. If you find true love during the summer, chances are it is true for that summer only.

Moving on to ‘When You Said’ where we get a melancholic ballad, still empowered by a sturdy beat but without losing any of the emotional load it carries: When you said you could never be with me, that changed everything in me. I hate to be the ‘I told you so’ guy but what was I saying about September?! This one speaks about the denial through a break up and here we have BLK even more ethereal than before, pretty self-aware of her state right now versus back then. The outcome is truly enchanting. The closing ‘You’re almost There’ is the best saved for last. The echoing performance together with the reverberating percussion and nostalgic piano make this one the highlight of The Fools Heart and the most deserving closure for an EP born out of unrequited love. Considering the fearless transition of BLK’s sound, the line: Don't stop moving, Let me feel you against me’ could also be interpreted as a ‘message to myself', a reminder to never look back and embrace change for it’s the only way forward.

All in all, Tori BLK is swimming in brand new waters with The Fools Heart. She’s sublimating ghosts of the past, leaving her old, rebel skin behind in order to transform into a delicate, mature songstress of the summer. She’s using her voice as a healing vessel for both herself and her audience while making sure that her experiences end up as mesmerizing melodies to keep us cool during the hottest of days. To the artist, a big ‘Thank you’ for building our hype for this long awaited (hopefully post-covid) vacation of 2022 and a bigger ‘Bravo’ for becoming an undeniable paradigm of change through her own musical transformation. Until next time..!

Enjoy The Fools Heart here:


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