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Single Review: Before Time Runs Out | Norrá Hill

Memories of the beach are still fresh and cool in our hearts and -for some of you- so is a summer love. If you happen to be crying over a summertime relationship that you thought would last forever but actually was destined to last no longer than a firework, Norrá Hill got you covered.

‘Before Time Runs Out’ ideally arrives on this point in time when holidays are over and all we need is to keep the feeling alive. The track’s laid-back beat combined with the dreamy performance of Kari Ehli, give off this slow-burning nostalgia, this longing for love and comfort. In other words, a summertime sadness. The artist sounds almost erotic thanks to her velvety, sensational lower register with her delivery style existing somewhere between Hurts in their debut and Lana Del Rey. And as Ehli is wistfully chanting: ‘I need to kiss you now before time runs out’ over sexy bass and lax chords, we are transferred before the most beautiful sunset in front of crashing waves kissing our partner until the end of time.

As the track progresses, Ehli is harmonising in the most ethereal way escalating the track to an emotional climax. What is most intriguing about ‘Before Time Runs Out’, is how there’s this strong resemblance to Chris Isaak’s legendary ‘Wicked Game’, even though the two tracks share nothing more than a couple of instrumental choices. Still, their mood and attitude are miraculously resonating and it’s a true wonder to witness.

All in all, ‘Before Time Runs Out’ is an ode to lost love and the importance of enjoying the beautiful moments in life. Living in today. Norrá Hill gave us a truly mesmerising gem to hold on to until next summer and the Sanctum is looking forward to an EP/Album where the artist will get the space to showcase her full potential. The single is set for release on October the 14th. Cheers!

Enjoy Norrá Hill:


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