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Single Review: Fire & Gold | Yann Sella

‘Fire & Gold’ is the latest single by producer Yann Sella, an extraordinary piece of music overflowing with epicness like an erupting volcano.

Let me give you the image here. Remember every time you’ve been to the cinema to watch movies in the likes of ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Maze Runner’ or even ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’. Now, think of the moment when the end credits appear on screen and a magnificent soundtrack of epic proportions explodes in the room, shaking the walls. ‘Fire & Gold’ is THAT soundtrack!

Yann has crafted an utterly witching, Eastern melody, which he then fused with Jenny’s mystical vocals into a primal blend, and then created giant, thunderous kicks and snares to finish it off ritualistically. Trap--style percussion add a contemporary touch to the mix as well as a sense of suspense and vigilence. The outcome is a cinematic, grandiose experience that could be easily compared to modern blockbuster soundtracks of the kind. If I had to name music of the same energy, made for film, I’d go with ‘Breath Of Life’ by Florence and The Machine.

In a few words, ‘Fire & Gold’ is a safe bet for fans of The XX, Woodkid, FATM or even Alt-J. And if we are not blessed enough to experience the magic of Sella in the movie theatres, then I’m just hoping that we get an Extended Play or even an album that will allow his vision to expand on a larger scale. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy 'Fire & Gold':


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