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Single Review: Lost Ones | Good Spells

Long time no post but let’s make this up right now. Being down with the flu somehow sent me watching Life Beyond, a Youtube series about alien life, the magic of the unknown universe and the possibility of contact with other civilisations. And coming across the latest Good Spells single ‘Lost Ones’ could not complete this intergalactic experience any better.

In ‘Lost Ones’, the British producer covers the heartbreak and existential crisis with a wondrous cloak of stars and planets, bringing together the bleeding human heart with the -forever expanding- heart of the universe. In other words, we have the artist’s fragile lyricism ‘Maybe we’ll see the end, staring down the barrel of a shotgun’ sung over sensational, gleaming synths of the future and atmospheric ethers that manage to send the listener floating into outer space, stunned by the beguiling instrumental.

A strong kick-snare reenforces the sense of hurt and futility as if the song was a rock ballad and for that reason, If I was to put the track into genres, I’d create a new one and call it Sci-Fi Rock. The production is excellent and the approach remarkable, giving raw sentimentality through heavenly, extraterrestrial sounds. Not far from The Weekend, Good Spells sounds dramatic yet erotic, contemporary and nostalgic at the same time, a successful recipe for a truly transcending experience. The speeding car, the mesmerising landscapes together with the dynamic drone shots in black and white make for the ideal visualisation of the track's dark, melancholic vibe and the video in the link below is proof.

‘Lost Ones’ is the third piece in a series of cohesive singles released in 2022 with each of them shining in its own light. The Sanctum is very much looking forward to a fuller body of work that will expand the vision of Good Spells even further and of course will include ‘Down’ and ‘Who we are’. Let's hope for more music of this caliber in 2023. Until next time!

Enjoy 'Lost Ones' here:


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