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Single Review: Marco Polo | Brandon Riley

Brandon Riley's latest single is named after the historic figure 'Marco Polo', famous explorer, merchant and writer while Riley is visually introducing himself as a persona of the 20's/30's Jazz era, with a sleek -suit and tie- style.

'Marco Polo' is an upbeat piece of indie pop/electronic with a funk quality that is hard to locate but is definitely in there. After about five repetitions it's safe to say that the track is the definition of 'cool' with genuine 'laid-back' vocals and overall attitude, successfully visualized by the cover art of the single. The -more than memorable- chorus combined with the widely popular trap-style hit hats, makes the song a great candidate for what we call 'the next big hit'.

Additionally, the first thing that came to mind while listening to 'Marco Polo' was Mark Ronson's early work and more specifically his 'Version' era (2007). Back then he 'played' with jazz and soul in his own unique way, using contemporary percussion and voices like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Daniel Merriweather.

Brandon somehow embraces and offers part of this vibe and it's most certain that an EP or album with those qualities would bring some of that glory back in today's indie pop scene in Riley's own terms. A promising step has been made and we can't wait for what is coming next...


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