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Review: Echolily

Echolily is creating experimental pop, heavily playing with a wide variety of electronic music and multiple themes interchanging in each of her pieces. In 2021 she offered the world two singles titled ‘Michelle’s Imagination’ and ‘Under the Clocks’. Without further ado let’s have a deeper look into this multi-layered universe she invites us in.

‘Michelle’s Imagination’ opens with spacey ethers followed by unorthodox vocals of the Bjork kind, together with murmuring synths and strong dubstep elements, making a mix that needs further exploration and attention to the details. If I could compare it to something, I’d say M83 of maybe even FLUME, but more experimental. Echolily seems to be restlessly playing with everything she chooses at any given moment, spontaneously, giving each sound the right space to breathe through transitions that almost feel like transparent boundaries. At the same time, those boundaries work like bridges connecting many themes into one whole song. Kind of ironic. Either way ‘Michelle’s Imagination’ is a complex of islands floating in the night sky, connected with each other through millions of stars.

The exact same energy is emitted by ‘Under the clocks’, though a bit darker and more surreal. The echoes put throughout the song as well as its minimal compotition, give Echolily an extraterrestrial quality, that only sounds human throughout her charming vocal parts, especially when unfiltered. ‘Under the clocks’ according to EchoLily: ‘’Tells the story of two people falling in love in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Just as the city goes into a pandemic lockdown, the love story ends with longing, languish and a 16 bar instrumental break.’’ With or without this information, the love emitted from the track is pretty apparent as well as the ‘lover’s longing’ through times of hardship and distance. ‘Stay with your arms around me, sleepless nights I hear you calling’.

Echolily’s sound is echoing between the cyber world and the dream one. Mature enough to combine different themes and layers cohesively, but young enough to freely play with her creations in a space where everything goes and the rules are forever rotating, never set in stone. Let’s look forward to an EP or album that expands Echolily’s vision from this point!

Enjoy Echolily:


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