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Interview: SIR-VERE

Hello, SIR-VERE and welcome to the Music Sanctum!

Before anything, is ‘SIR-VERE’ a word-play with ‘severe’? What is the story behind the band’s name?

Yes I twisted the spelling because I wanted something less harsh looking but keeping with strong statement. I was known as Sir Hammond White in a previous project so seemed apt to keep the Sir. In Sir-vere I’m known as Craig Hammond. I tried sir-real for a while but seemed not to fit.

Please introduce the band members as well as the role of each one of you in the team.

We are a 4 piece … Craig Hammond ( Vocals , Songwriter , Noise ) Gary Morland (Guitar,Keyboards,Bass) Stevie Vega (Keyboards) Ian McEwan (Vocals)

Can you give us the story of how you all got together and when did this happen?

The band idea came together in the late 90’s early 00’s with early demo’s that became the 1st album Paranoid & Crucified. Original line up was Craig Hammond , Gary Morland & Jason Oakes.

Your discography starts in 2014 with TIMEBOMB. Can you remember how it felt for SIR-VERE to release their first material to the world back then?

We actually released our 1st single 12’’ in 1999 called Have a nice day to wide acclaim in the DJ world. Then another single 12” River City was released in 2001 which again had huge support including Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale. The track was all part of the Paranoid & Crucified sessions which was crazy with over 50 tracks recorded over a 3 year period. This album was hugely anticipated within the industry at the time. We had an album deal with swiss bankers for half million. Unfortunately the company went bust on us in the same month of release date. It was a crazy time of lots of gigs including Glastonbury & fringe circuit festivals etc…

You’ve managed to release a new album almost once every year since then. How do you achieve that much productivity?

We’ve always had a huge catalogue and always thinking well ahead for each release. Each release actually normally takes 2-3 years from start to finish. We always utilize all the remixes as well and some of the releases have compilation feel.

Even though your latest work ‘Singulus’ was released in 2021, it is a remarkable specimen of a genre that was reaching its peak back in the 90’s-00’s. Can you take us deeper into your vision for this album?

Singulus is like a sister album to our previous album Psycho Ballistic Funk from 2019. We don’t start with a vision of the sound. That comes naturally to us. The vision comes later once we start finding image that works. We never try to sound like anyone and are very stubborn to our creative talents. In lots of ways the sound doesn’t age due to our sound source. This album though is showing our development into a more live sounding act.

Can you name a song or two from ‘Singulus’ that are special to you in any way? Also, if you were to choose one of them to become a worldwide hit, which one would it be?

We all have own favourites from the album. Current single 'Hunger' has all the workings of a worldwide hit & we are pushing this very strong. Also the track 'Extra Beat in my Heart' has great commercial vibes with it’s indie leanings. The track 'Masquerade' has been getting very cool reactions from promo send out’s. The band favourite though is track 10 'You Me & the Continuum' with all it’s drum like madness.

What is your main music production equipment consisted of?

Albelton & Universal audio interface. With various live instruments like Guitars & Bass.

Are there specific artists or albums that shaped the sound of SIR-VERE through the years?

Wow so many we have loved like The Chemical Brothers , LCD Soundsystem , Soulwax , The Prodigy & Nine Inch Nails.

Has the pandemic affected the band and your creative process in general?

No we’ve been lucky that we have kept working on. Apart from cancelled live shows & general meet ups. Has been a good time to get more ideas in to the sound.

Are there any plans for the near or far future? Are you currently working on new material?

In the near future we are looking at releasing another single from Singulus. We have recorded a new album which we are very excited about. We are in early stages of getting the artwork & general vision of release together. Also we have a remix collection called 'Pushing Beat Law' getting planned. Going to be a busy busy period for us coming up. Rock On…..

Enjoy SIR-VERE here:


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