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Single Review: The Truth Breaks Me Up | Kashimir

The mysterious single ‘The Truth Breaks Me Up’ can be described as an experimental blend of electronic elements that bring to mind the music of TsarB, mostly because of its instrumental minimalism and unsettling percussion.

As for the performance of Kashimir, her sensual vocals are bred with the most fitting effects, boosting the vulnerability and confusion of the lyrics: ‘How Do I deal with these broken notions’? She almost sounds like she’s actually recording on her knees, broken and hopeless while we are witnessing this expression.

Even though the melody is basically defined by her voice, a couple of dramatic piano keys are scattered here and there giving a sense of climax. All the above go hand in hand with her distorted sounds and glitches creating a mix that is not at all pop or easy to swallow.

Personally, this whole abstraction and playfulness of the track made me think of the ‘Take Her Up To Monto’ album by Roisin Murphy, only a bit darker.

A promising piece that makes us wonder how an EP or album of Kashimir would sound like! Only time will tell!

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